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International Payment Solutions & Infrastructure

As for payment providers, they suggest various solutions for Forex or the crypto broker business. The brokerage business is among the most promising ways to get profits, and the market experiences a real boom of newly created Forex and crypto brokers. Due to the exceptionally high competition level, newcomers demand something truly eye-catching to convince traders to remain on their platforms. The Forex broker license of your company will play a role in how the scope of your Forex merchant account will be affected as certain transactions may or may not be permitted. By the way, there’re countries that don’t permit transactions of payment outside the region of that country. Use Currencycloud to quickly access virtual named accounts for your customers and collect, convert, pay and manage multiple currencies simultaneously — anywhere in the world.

  • The problem with bank wires is that the brokerage relies on a third party to process their payments; they rarely receive the funds directly into their brokerage bank account.
  • Close collaboration with Match-Trade Technologies allows Match2Pay to offer even better conditions for the companies active in the online trading industry (Forex/CFD).
  • Among all cryptocurrencies, 5Pay research shows that USDT is the most stable currency on the market, and its value is almost equal to the U.S. dollar.
  • Hence, to drive success, brokers must choose the best forex credit card processing merchant that meets their unique needs and regulatory obligations.
  • In most cases, this characteristic is more important than the rates of the payment system for financial services.
  • This is widely regarded as a bad business practice with many fly by night payment processors taking advantage of merchants with these fees.

Forex payment gateway acts as a bridge between currency trading platforms and users. Forex traders integrate directly into the payment gateway platform, enabling brokers to accept the imports and exports of their clients. The trader uses the forex system to fund and withdraw money from the account, while the gateway sends the funds it collects from users (transaction fees, etc.) to the broker’s trading account. Starting a successful forex brokerage requires a significant investment in both time and money. For any new broker, the initial hurdle is often dealing with the potentially complex legal requirements.

Allied Wallet has over a decade of experience in processing payments in Forex Trading. We can issue payments in the seven most liquid currency pairs in the world and in the three commodity pairs. We accept payments in more than 196 countries, 164 currencies, and settle in 25 currencies worldwide. Everything you need to move money around the world is covered; from virtual wallets and named accounts to the ability to send, receive and manage your multi-currency payments. Contact B2BinPay today and offer your clients a low-cost solution that has become the number one Forex payment gateway in the market today.

Own Brokerage

To successfully manage the payments process, all these elements need to be included. Certain PSPs provide additional services for payment methods, such as cash payments, e-wallets like PayPal, prepaid cards or vouchers and e-check processing. PSP providers make payments convenient for both the user and the receiver. Still, Forex credit card and debit card payments are a hugely valuable to trading platforms. The difference between a profitable trade and loss is often decided in minutes. Our goal is to deliver you the lowest rates, fastest approvals, and best terms available for Forex merchant accounts.

payment gateway for forex brokers

Allied Wallet is widely regarded as the premier payment gateway for foreign exchange trading. Thanks to our extensive global network of banking relationships, we have helped hundreds of Forex sites with varying degrees of payment processing requirements. Our merchants see a 30-40% increase in revenue thanks to the increase in approved transactions. is voted the #1 high risk credit card processing company in the US. Moreover, EMB has an A+ rating with the BBB and an A rating with Card Payment Options., in partnership with offshore acquiring banks, provides solutions for high risk businesses.

Japanese banks to trial stablecoin payment system

The solution has a wide user-base that includes Forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, online stores and other merchants who use it to process cryptocurrency payments. After several months of hard work, the crypto payment solution popular among forex brokers using various CRMs appears in a new version. The rebranding was not limited only to the new layout and improved user experience of the payment processor app. With a specialization in setting up forex merchant account services for brokerages around the world, EU Paymentz is the leader in the high risk forex payment processing industry. GBO offers assistance with finding forex merchant account solutions. In turn, this makes it difficult to find payment processing for Forex trading platforms.

All of them want to put at the disposal of their clients this additional, alternative payment method that is safe and comes with lower fees than other methods, such as credit card payments. Nowadays, you can get many service providers, but PayCly is one of the best because it has many years of experience dealing with the forex industry. In addition to a forex merchant account, we also provide a trustworthy and quick forex broker payment gateway. Security is a top priority for us because we deal with high-risk industries. You will receive PCI DSS level 1 compliance, which safeguards your and your client’s private data.

payment gateway for forex brokers

The second thing traders pay attention to while transacting is fees, rates and possible limitations. Three Japanese banks are set to develop a payment system that integrates their stablecoins on a public blockchain while satisfying legal requirements. The forex market presents an excellent opportunity for both individual and institutional traders to make profits on currency trades. Contact us today and see why we are a top-rated payment processor for Forex Trading. Our experience in Forex Trading has enabled us to create a service that protects our merchants with a chargeback prevention service and a customizable Fraud Scrub. Thanks to EMB’s Forex merchant account, you can enjoy huge benefits.

What is a Forex Merchant Account?

Lack of supervision is also the main problem for banks classifying foreign exchange payment processing as high-risk traders. GBO offers assistance with finding the best in forex trading payment processing solutions. We understand all the important features you need like transaction protection, fraud prevention and user support. There are a few different reasons why Forex merchant accounts are deemed high-risk. One of the most common reasons is a lack of track record from new brokerages. When payment processors view an application, they want to see proof of a strong business with growth.

payment gateway for forex brokers

Apart from that, STICPAY also features high-risk merchant solutions for licensed forex businesses that comply with the appropriate regulatory laws. Since forex brokers experience massive trading activity on their platforms, they process large volumes of transactions every day, which drives up the businesses’ chargeback rates. The Enterprise wallet for business solutions helps Enterprise clients receive, store and send a wide range of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Monero.

Why And How To Find The Best Payment Gateway For Forex Broker

You can also use Allied Wallet as your alternative payment option. Send us your declined transactions to accept payment methods with Allied Wallet that your primary payment processor cannot process. Many companies have integrated Allied Wallet as an alternative payment option and forex broker solutions have been able to save an average of 12% of their total sales, recovering 68% of their previously declined transactions. From our exploratory conversations to helping you set up payment processing on your site, our customer support specialists will aid you every step of the way.

payment gateway for forex brokers

Forex businesses are remarkably high risk for reasons such as the exchange rate risk, the interest rate risk, the credit risk, the country, and liquidity risk, and the leverage risk. In addition, traders themselves can be impacted by being unable to access their funds for trading. This is done intentionally with high fees and extensive vetting processes. The reason for this is to prevent money laundering and other types of fraud that could be using a forex exchange as a front. When we perform our underwriting at Corepay, we will determine your level of risk based on the big picture of your business, the industry you operate in, as well as your chargebacks.

Turnkey broker solutions

Each new entrant into the market offers different trading opportunities, pricing structures and trading platforms. Forex merchant account – We offer assistance with locating the best Forex merchant account solutions available, using a worldwide network of registered, regulated banks and payment processors. Online Forex companies require a payment gateway for forex on their site to which they can receive electronic payments via credit card, bank transfers etc. However, forex traders in Southeast Asia often have problems with withdrawing funds via international bank wires as most brokers don’t offer local payment methods. New broker business echeck accounts are easily approved and set up. Our proprietary echeck payment platform is operated 100% by the firm.

Casino Payment Gateway

Prior to the internet, currency markets were reserved for international banks, wealthy individuals, and investment firms. Today, forex trading is readily available to retail traders worldwide. These traders can now access these trading platforms with one of the online brokerages and trade currencies from their homes. In the same way, the payment gateway for forex broker act as a bridge between the currency trading platform and its customers. Forex merchants have to integrate the payment gateway into their websites, and it allows the merchant to accept payments from their customers. As a result, payment processors have categorized forex service providers as high-risk businesses, meaning that brokers will likely face rejected applications at traditional gateway solutions.


Additionally, concerns about money laundering cause some acquiring banks to steer away from the industry. Adding 3D Secure to your Forex merchant account provides an additional level of security at checkout. Enabling 3D Secure lets you offload the responsibility for some chargebacks back to the card brands. 3D Secure has been updated, streamlining the checkout process and making it faster & easier than ever for traders to complete payments. After a successful verification process, the forex payment gateway solution can be integrated via an application programming interface directly to their platforms.

For the banking industry, Forex and binary options are always high risks. The disclaimer helps in educating the users about various important details. Executes all your payments with real-time rates and ensures that the payments must not wait until the next day, even if you have operations in different time zones. The forex market presents an opportunity for both individual and institutional traders to gain profits on currency trades. At Corepay, we know high-risk, and we have a deep understanding of the forex industry and what it takes to grow your business to the next level. Forex stands for foreign exchange, and it is the trading of one currency for another.


Your business website is connected to all our payment solutions through a single API. Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms. If you are an FX broker from an entry level jurisdiction, and are struggling with finding the right payment solutions – please contact us.

Since forex brokers make a profit from price spreads and other trading fees, a cost-efficient payment gateway is crucial to keep their business profitable. In exchange for the service, the forex payment gateway deducts a percentage-based or a fixed fee from each transaction before distributing the funds to the merchant. We support multiple currencies and let customers choose how they wish to pay. Additionally, we permit the business to accept cryptocurrency.

Alternative payments give a Forex brokerage the ability to meet a varied range of customer demands and needs by accepting various methods of payment, such as cash, e-wallets, mobile payment methods, etc. At GBO, our dedicated team of experts in the field of payments and wire services will assist you in getting the best payment solutions available in the market. If you are a broker starting up your brokerage, we will help you establish your Forex Merchant Accounts and/or customized Forex payment solutions package.

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